Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Well, here it is.... First oil painting in two years.
Not sure what to think of it now. Kinda down that it's over, plus I have stared at it for so long, I don't have fresh eyes to see it for what it is. I can only see the place I would have gone back and changed.
Still, I'm happy I did it. I still need a title too. Any suggestions?


  1. This is stunning work. You're an incredible talent sir.

  2. It is AMAZING!
    -Mary Ellen

  3. It's beautiful, John.

  4. Torchhead and the flaming book of hearts!!

    Awesome painting my friend!

  5. John this is my favorite painting you have ever done. Im saddened that you arent able to see how lush and amazing it is. After starring for so long at it. But maybe if people continue to express how totally AWESOME it is, you may come around to believing it :) Cant wait to see how much more imagery you have locked in your head that no-one else can see YET!!

    - Jason Smith