Sunday, July 28, 2013

Here's a small self portrait I did in charcoal and chalk while at the Glen Workshop East. I'm happy to report that it has found a good home in Seattle.
My Brother Brian is publishing a book of poems entitled, "Flesh Becomes Word," and I have produced 10 images in charcoal and pencil to be included. The book is being published through local publisher, Dos Madres Press, and will hopefully be done by the end of this summer(2013). My Brother is a wonderful writer and has received his MFA from SPU. You can find out more about him and the other books and periodicals, etc., his work has been published in here.
Here are the pieces I did in no particular order:
Flesh Becomes Word, 6x9, charcoal and pencil

Having Crossed The Sea,  6x9, charcoal and pencil

Luke Remembers, 6x6, charcoal and pencil

Navidad HondureƱa, 6x9, charcoal and pencil

Remembering, 6x6, charcoal and pencil

Six Street Scenes, 6x6, charcoal and pencil

The Fig, 6x6, charcoal and pencil
Castle Rock, 6x9, charcoal and pencil

Changes Come, 6x9, charcoal and pencil
Bird Dog Morning, charcoal and pencil